Redkit Random Gates

Here’s some more recent strings to locate redkit gates.

Regex HTTP URI for “\/(hfrn|azhd|eesb|hfqf|mapn|wmhd|mzyp|oegu|efgv|acsu|acej|hmod|aoei|aoef|asyq|asju|awtg|zmyg|awtg|

Can regex with \/[a-z]{4}\.html?$

There will be false positives, use a 4-letter-word dictionary as a csv to weed out common words.

See examples of Random Redkit Gates on

Some Redkit Gates also have a parameter on the end of the gate url which makes it easier to weed out fp’s.


Can regex with \/[a-z]{4}\.html?\?[a-z]=[0-9]+$

See examples of Redkit Gate w/ Param on

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